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Newsletter Printing in Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Three Rivers

Print newsletters are a super effective way to reach your audience. People actually prefer print newsletters over email newsletters. With a print newsletter, he or she will either read it right away or keep it on a desk until there is time to read it. Email newsletters are often quickly deleted. Response rates for print newsletters are 3 to 5%. By contrast, email newsletter response rates are typically .5%.

The best newsletters seek to:

  • Inform and Educate
  • Strengthen the Relationship between the Organization and the Reader
  • Offer Products and Services Only after the Above is Achieved.

To achieve the above, we recommend:

  • Choose a focus or theme for the main topic of each newsletter.
  • Develop original content with your unique point of view.
  • Use real-life stories whenever possible.
  • Use relevant third party content.
  • Use contributed content from your audience.
  • Use actual images of staff or customers, as opposed to stock images.

 A few of the types of newsletters include:

  • Business Newsletters
  • Church Newsletters
  • Custom Newsletters
  • Corporate Newsletters
  • School Newsletters
  • Health Newsletters
  • Club Newsletters
  • Financial Newsletters
  • Subject Matter Expert Newsletters
  • And more!

Last but not least, it’s important to have a superb design and professional layout for your newsletter. Our Graphics Design team can help you with that.

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