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Vinyl Wrap: Chrome Delete

Worker installing chrome delete on vehicle

A vinyl wrap chrome delete can totally transform your vehicle’s appearance by covering over the chrome accents and trim with matte black,  glossy black, or non-metallic gray color vinyl wrap. 

The result is a dramatic, muscular-looking vehicle. 

Of course, if you want to be even more creative, other colors are available. 

Besides appearance, a blackout chrome project protects the underlying chrome and makes the vehicle easier to clean

Should you wish to go back to chrome or simply want another vinyl wrap color, the process is reversible.

While you can choose other methods of blacking out chrome, we recommend a professional vinyl wrap specially manufactured for dechroming. 

Dechroming a vehicle requires concentrated detail work, so we strongly advise professional installation, as opposed to using a DIY kit.

With our professional chrome-delete installation, you get …

EXPERIENCE — IDEA! Printing & Graphics has been working with vinyl wraps since 1991. We’ve wrapped hundreds of vehicles and refined our skills. 

BEST VINYLS — We have worked with various brands and know which are the best for particular applications. 

PRECISION TOOLS — Having the right tool for the job can make all the difference between a poor dechroming and a good one. Tools include trimmers, heat guns, special adhesive tools, etc.

CLEAN WORKSHOP — We work in an indoor shop eliminating the possibility of environmental factors like dust and leaves affecting the project.

CUSTOM WORK — We can handle intricate designs and special cut requests to help make your vehicle stand out.

FASTER TURNAROUND — Because we know what we’re doing, we can complete your chrome-delete project much faster than you could yourself.

BETTER RESALE — When you go to sell your vehicle, buyers will be impressed and reassured the chrome delete was performed by a professional.

BETTER RESULTS — Your chrome delete will look finer and smoother with a professional installation. Projects completed by DIYers typically have visible seams, wrinkles, and mismatches.

Get started on your vehicle makeover today!

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